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How to cope with Covid-19 fatigue

As we are approaching the end of the year you may now be feeling somewhat burned out from all of the crazy things that have happened since January. It feels like this year has lasted a lifetime and many people are experiencing what is called covid fatigue. Quarantine has been hard on most of us as we are not used to having these limitations put on us. You may be feeling more irritable, easily triggered, not watching as much news, and feeling low levels of anxiety and depression. It's understandable since we have no way of knowing how long our lives will continue to be turned upside by the virus.

Add in to the mix that fall is in full force with shorter and cooler days. Perhaps even the holiday season brings added stress, especially with the modifications you may have to make. Though things may get stressful for you, there are ways to cope with the feelings or emotions you might experience during this time.

Here are three ways to help you deal with covid fatigue:

  1. Focus on what you can control. There's not much you can do about a global pandemic, Focusing on what you have control of in your life can help free up mental space in your mind. Think about the things you can change in your own life. Maybe it's rearranging furniture to make your home more comfortable, eating healthy foods and exercising, or limiting the amount of social media you consume.

  2. Acknowledge how you feel. It's easy to pretend that everything is okay and that current events don't impact how we feel. If you're feeling a strong emotion, give yourself permission to feel it, express, and experience it. Write it down in a journal, talk about it with a friend, or use art as a way to get out what you're feeling.

  3. Get help. Seek help from someone if things feel too overwhelming. This could be a friend, family member, or mental health professional. There are safe ways to connect with others during this time. If you can't physically be close to someone, give them a call or set up a video chat. Most therapists these days have options for teletherapy where they are able to do sessions over video instead of in-person session.

These are difficult times but there are steps you can take to ease some of the stress you might be feeling. Also remember that this will not last forever and eventually life will get some back to normal, whatever that may look like for you. Think of this time in terms of years rather than days or months. Sometimes changing your perspective can help improve your outlook when things get tough.

What are some ways that have helped you deal with covid fatigue? Let me know!

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